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Bacteria and fibre for your gut

The bacteria in Synbiotic® Food Supplement, which until now have been available solely for clinical studies and research, are here.

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Customer testimonial

  • “Think the product has improved my everyday life significantly! Generally speaking, me & my family very rarely get sick, which is the main reason why we started using Synbiotics.”


    Customer survey 2022

  • “Good effect on sluggish stomach. A bit difficult to dissolve in water/juice, hence 4 in rating and not 5.”


    Customer survey 2022

  • “Expensive products but worth every penny!!! Never a stress stomach, never bloated, never sick!”


    Customer survey 2022

  • “When I used Synbiotic40, good things happened to my swollen stomach! I experienced it as less tense and more efficient. Better bowel movement and no constipation. I will continue to use Synbiotic.”


    Customer survey 2022

  • “This is an area with many companies and great competition. Super Synbiotics, I believe, stands out significantly from the crowd with its high quality products, which are based on research. The information via their website and newsletter is interesting and relevant. Can highly recommend this company.”


    Customer survey 2022

  • What is Synbiotic?

    Our dietary supplement, Synbiotic, as the name suggests, is a synbiotic – this means it contains a combination of lactic bacteria (probiotics) and fibre (prebiotics) for your stomach. The fibre functions as food for the good bacteria so they feel good. Synbiotic contains living bacteria so it needs to be kept chilled! Synbiotic Supplements are available in three different variants – Synbiotic15 Daily, Synbiotic40 Enhanced and Synbiotic Gut-Brain. Read more about our synbiotics here

  • Why should I eat Synbiotic?

    A healthy intestinal flora rests on three pillars – diet, exercise and stress control. Synbiotic is a food supplement that can complement a healthy lifestyle and a varied diet by adding good bacteria and a high level of dietary fibre.

  • How do you use Synbiotic?

    Synbiotic is a powder which should be mixed with cold/room temperature liquid or food. The powder should not be heated as this will kill the living bacteria. People usually mix the powder with water, but you can just as easily mix or blend it into a smoothie or sprinkle it over a yoghurt or overnight oats – a good trick to use on picky kids that sometimes have a hard time with new textures and tastes. Always keep in mind to consume the synbiotics as soon as possible once you’ve opened the packet and mixed them with food or liquid. 

  • Do the bacteria survive?

    The bacterial strains used in Synbiotic have been shown in studies to have very good resistance to bile acid and low pH value. The bacteria thus have a good ability to survive and colonize in the intestine.

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