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About us

Super Synbiotics was founded in 2016 in Sweden by a group of researchers and health enthusiasts. Our products, Synbiotic15 Daily, Synbiotic40 Enhanced and Synbiotic Gut-Brain, are bacteria and fibre supplements based on 20 years of clinical studies.

At Super Synbiotics, we believe that the starting point of good health is in the gut. The gut flora consists of both good and bad bacteria, and it also constitutes most of the immune system. We see it as our mission to inform about the importance of gut health and inspire people to take care of their gut.

We believe that gut health, and thereby overall health, is centered around making healthy decisions within the areas of diet, exercise, and stress management. We also believe that supplements can support us on our quest to good health.

Through our philosophy and our products, we hope to inspire you to a healthier lifestyle and a healthier gut.

Bacteria & fibre for your gut

  • Based on 20 years of research
  • Produced in Sweden
  • Natural - no additives

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