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What is Synbiotic® Food Supplement?

Synbiotic is a Swedish probiotic and fibre supplement. It consists of the four patented bacterial strains L plantarum, paracasei, pediococcus and mesenteroides, as well as four different soluble dietary fibres: inulin, pectin, resistant starch and beta glucan from oats.
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Why should I take Synbiotic?

A healthy intestinal flora relies on three fundamentals: diet, exercise and stress control. Synbiotic is a dietary supplement that can complement a healthy lifestyle and varied diet by providing beneficial bacteria and a high fibre content.

How do I take Synbiotic?

The easiest way is to mix the powder into a glass of water or juice. Stir thoroughly and drink immediately to avoid the powder sinking to the bottom or the mixture thickening. Avoid warming the powder as this will kill the bacteria. Open packets should be consumed immediately to maintain the quality of the product.

How much?

The product is packed in easy-to-use dosage packs. One pack covers your daily needs. If your intestine feels very off balance, you can take up to three doses in one day. If you are not used to fibre, you can spread the dose out over the day, e.g. take one part of the dose in the morning, one at lunch, and one in the evening, also making sure to drink plenty of water.

How often?

Synbiotic is suitable for daily use and can be taken at any time of life.

Why powder?

We use the optimal amount of fibre needed to help the bacteria establish themselves and grow in the intestine. The amount of fibre in Synbiotic would not fit in a tablet or capsule form, so we chose to develop a powder product.

Why do I need to stir it so thoroughly?

Because the powder will otherwise sink to the bottom or thicken. Our focus has been on developing a product that is as effective as possible and we have consciously chosen not to compromise the product for the sake of user-friendliness. The alternative would have been to develop a tablet and reduce the amount of fibre.

How much time will it take before I notice the effect?

Since intestinal flora differs from person to person, the time it takes to notice any result varies for each individual. We recommend taking Synbiotic for at least 3 months. After six months, 9 out of 10 people feel a positive impact on their health after taking Synbiotic*

*based on a 2022 customer survey

Where should I store Synbiotic?

We recommend storing Synbiotic in the fridge. The product can, however, be kept at room temperature for short periods – when being shipped to you, for example.

Why should I store Synbiotic in the fridge?

Since Synbiotic contains living bacteria, we recommend storing it in the fridge to maintain the quality of the product. The product can, however, be kept at room temperature for short periods – when being shipped to you, for example.

Do the bacteria survive?

The bacterial strains used in Synbiotic15, Synbiotic40 Enhanced, and Synbiotic Gut-Brain have been shown in studies to have very good resistance to bile acid and a low pH value. The bacteria are thus well equipped to survive and colonise the intestine.

Is it better to have several bacterial strains?

The amount of bacteria and the number of strains are less important than the fact that the supplement is based on clinical research. It is important that the research was not only conducted on the individual strains but on the whole combination of bacteria (and other ingredients) used in the supplement.

What is the difference between this product and other products based on lactic acid bacteria?

Synbiotic contains both lactic acid bacteria (probiotics) and dietary fibre (prebiotics), unlike probiotic products which only contain lactic bacteria. Dietary fibre functions as food for the bacteria and helps them to survive and colonise the intestine.

Super Synbiotic also contains our four patented bacterial strains, combined with a high level of dietary fibre, making the product wholly unique on the market.

What is the difference between probiotics and synbiotics?

Probiotics are a category of supplements that contain beneficial bacteria only, while synbiotics contain both beneficial bacteria and dietary fibres (prebiotics). The supplement’s dietary fibres play an important role since they feed the bacteria in the intestine. Dietary fibre also facilitates normal bowel function. The Swedish National Food Administration recommends that adults consume at least 25-35 grams of dietary fibre per day.

Should I take Synbiotic with a meal?

You can take Synbiotic any time of the day or night and you can take it either on an empty stomach or with food. You can even mix or blend the powder into a smoothie, or sprinkle it on yoghurt. Synbiotic should not be heated however.

Can pregnant women, nursing mothers and children take Synbiotic?

Yes, absolutely. Note, however, that Synbiotic40 Enhanced is not recommended for children. We recommend that children begin with a half-dose of Synbiotic15 to see how the child reacts, and then gradually work up to a full dose.

Does the product contain gluten or milk?

The ingredients in Synbiotic do not contain gluten or lactose, and we can guarantee that the end product is gluten and lactose free.

Can it cause a reaction at the beginning?

If you have a strong imbalance in your intestinal flora, you may experience reactions such as gases or feelings of discomfort from your stomach. These symptoms usually desist after repeated use of the product. If you experience problems, try dividing the daily dose by taking half in the morning and the other half in the afternoon.

Can I take Synbiotic with other medicines?

You should always seek advice from a doctor about combining medicines with products that contain vitamin supplements. Synbiotic15 and Synbiotic40, however, have no effect on medicines as they don’t contain vitamins – only natural ingredients normally found in foods.


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When will my package arrive?

When your order has been received and confirmed by us it will be delivered to you as soon as possible. Usually, delivery time is 2-4 days. In the case of high order load and orders outside Sweden, delivery may take longer. Please contact customer service if your order has not been delivered within 5 business days.

How do I change the delivery address on my order?

To change your delivery address, please contact customer support right after you have placed your order.

Do the bacteria survive the delivery if they are not chilled?

Yes, they do. The delivery process does not affect the quality of Synbiotic. However, for long term storage we recommend refrigerating or equivalent.

Can I buy Synbiotic in-store?

Synbiotic is available at a few selected retailers. To find out if there is a dealer in your area – please contact our customer support.

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How do I pay?

At Super Synbiotics we offer Stripe (card payment), Paypal and Klarna as payment methods. Through Klarna you can choose to pay directly, make a bank transfer, pay by invoice or by card. With Paypal you can either pay with your Paypal account or by card. Payment methods may vary depending on country.

What cards can I pay with?

You can pay by Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

I have not received an invoice / Have you received my invoice payment?

Our billing is handled by our billing partner Klarna. For questions regarding your invoice, please contact customer support at or 08-120 120 10.


A refund usually takes 2-5 business days, but depending on credit card issuers, it may sometimes take up to 30 days. The refund is always made at the same payment method used when purchasing.

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I forgot to enter my discount code at my purchase, can you add it afterwards?

Yes. Send a message to our customer support with your order number and the discount code and we will manually register the discount.

Why is my discount code not working?

Double-check that the discount code is correctly spelled and without any spaces. If the problem persists, contact customer support.

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My order has been delivered but I regret my purchase, how do I make a return?

Place the return form on the package and hand in at the nearest post office. Shipping costs are payed by the customer and are not refundable.

How do I get a return form?

The return form is included in the package. If you have lost the return form, send your package to the following address:

Super Synbiotics AB

c/o Inpac Pharma

Åldersmansgatan 2

22764 Lund

NOTE! In the package, add a note where you enter your name, contact details, order number and reason for the return. This allows us to identify your order. As soon as we receive your return, a refund will be made, and the money will be returned to you within a few days.

Does it cost anything to make a return?

You are responsible for shipping costs of the return. Return costs usually range from 50 to 150 SEK depending on the size of the package.

Have you received my return?

As soon as we receive your return, we will send a confirmation to you and make a refund. The money will be returned via the payment method you used when ordering.

I’m not satisfied with my product, how do I make a complaint?

For complaints, please contact our customer support.

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