What sets Synbiotic apart from other supplements?

What sets Synbiotic apart from other supplements?

There are many different supplements with lactic acid bacteria on the market, but what makes Synbiotic unique?

Founded from our own research – develops through active research

One unique aspect of our products is the research behind it. As early as 1999, a group of researchers led by Professor Stig Bengmark began searching for an elite group of anti-inflammatory lactic acid bacteria. They collected and studied over 500 different lactic acid bacteria strains before selecting the most effective anti-inflammatory strains they could find. These strains were also chosen for their ability to work together and enhance each other’s properties. The four bacterial strains were combined with four types of dietary fibers, which help the bacteria grow and multiply. This composition was patented and named Synbiotic2000. Since then, Synbiotic2000 has been used in numerous studies at prestigious hospitals and universities worldwide. The study results exceeded all expectations; Synbiotic2000 proved to be effective in reducing inflammation, reconditioning the gut flora, and strengthening the immune system.

In 2016, after 17 years of studies, the decision was made to make this composition available to the public through the launch of SuperSynbiotics. However, our research efforts have never stopped there. We are continually active with ongoing studies on lactic acid bacteria to develop our products and find new applications. For us, it is also important to conduct research on the final composition and not just the individual strains. Some probiotic supplements combine different bacterial strains without having conducted clinical studies to show that the strains actually work together.


Synbiotics instead of Probiotics

Probiotics are supplements that only contain beneficial bacteria, while synbiotics are supplements that contain both beneficial bacteria and dietary fibers. Dietary fibers play an important role in the supplement as they serve as food for the bacteria in the gut. Additionally, dietary fibers are an important part of the diet for normal bowel function. The Swedish Food Agency recommends that adults consume at least 25-35 grams of dietary fiber per day.

Adding dietary fibers to the lactic acid bacteria is an advanced and time-consuming production process. But considering the benefits fibers provide, it is important for us that our products contain them. This is both to provide nourishment for the bacteria to grow and reproduce. And for the various health benefits that the fibers themselves provide. 

The high content of the four dietary fibers, specially selected to match our bacterial strains, is something unique to Synbiotic and a key reason why the product works as well as it does. However, some people are sensitive to fibers or already consume a fiber-rich diet. For them we have developed Daily Capsule, which is a synbiotic with a lower fiber content where the fibers act as emergency rations for the bacteria on their way to the gut.


Unique and patented

It is common for supplements with lactic acid bacteria on the shelves to contain the same bacterial strains. In some cases, the same bacteria can be found in different products at completely different prices. The combination of bacterial strains in Synbiotic was developed after many years of research. They are patented and completely unique and cannot be found in any other supplement.


We have helped over 30,000 people achieve a balanced gut flora

Our focus is on creating products of the highest possible quality and the highest possible effect on your health. Since the beginning, we have helped over 30,000 people with their digestive problems by raising awareness about the importance of a balanced gut flora for a healthy and anti-inflammatory life. We work with exclusive bacterial strains and always develop our own active research to ensure that you get the best product on the market.


Bacteria & fibre for your gut

  • Based on 20 years of research
  • Produced in Sweden
  • Natural - no additives

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