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Prioritising your health on vacation

Your vacation is a time to recover and enjoy the good things in life. Most of us have, however, implemented healthy routines in our lives that we don’t want to loose just because we’re on vacation. In this article, you can read more about how to make the most of your vacation and keep your mind and body healthy.

Prioritising your health while on vacation

While it is important to make sure you have healthy routines in place regarding diet, exercise, sleep, etc., you also have to allow yourself to indulge and relax every once in a while. Especially when you’re on vacation. But in order to keep feeling good, even when on vacation, it might be a good idea to maintain at least some of your everyday routines. You can for example make sure that you take your daily dose of Synbiotic. Drink a green smoothie and get some form of exercise every day.

Your vacation is also a great time to establish new habits. This is because you have both the time and energy required to implement changes. Maybe you want to bring more mindfulness into your everyday life, or start exercising regularly? Read more about how to create and maintain positive habits here.


8 tips for an anti-inflammatory lifestyle during vacation

1. Bring Synbiotics with you on the trip

Regardless of whether you are hiking, going out with the boat or if you don’t have access to a refrigerator for a couple of days, you can continue to take your synbiotics without any problems. The bacteria in Synbiotic can survive outside of the refrigerator for shorter periods of time. So you can bring your daily dose of bacteria and fibre with you on your travels, both within and outside of the country.

2. Enjoy locally produced foods in season

Summer is a great opportunity to enjoy local produce. Take the opportunity to support your local farmers or research where you can pick berries and fruits yourself. Enjoy Swedish fresh potatoes, onions, strawberries, green leaves such as chard or spinach, and much more! These types of produce both taste good and are good for the benign bacteria in the gut.

3. Put your effort into one meal – keep the rest simple

Even though your holiday is supposed to be a time of recovery, it can sometimes be a hectic time full of activities, excursions, cooking and so on. A tip is to keep breakfast (if you do not practise intermittent fasting) and lunch simple and then make more of an effort when preparing dinner. You could make a smoothie for breakfast, a simple salad for lunch and then a more time-consuming dish for dinner.

4. Experiment with new dishes

Take the opportunity to try some new recipes during your time off, and get new ideas for your everyday meals. Maybe you already have recipes saved that you have not had time to try yet? You could also try a new vegetable you have never tried before and either find a suitable recipe or experiment on your own.

5. Take your time when eating

Have you heard of mindful eating? Now is the perfect time to try this technique! Eat slowly, chew your food properly and take note of all the flavours and textures. This can both improve digestion and calm your stomach, which is good for the gut flora. Learn more about mindful eating here!

6. Move every day

Physical activity is an important part of the anti-inflammatory lifestyle, but you don’t have to go hard if you don’t want to. 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day is enough. Kill two birds with one stone and combine your exercise with fun summer activities such as walking, hiking, swimming, taking a bike ride, doing yoga on the beach or trying out a new outdoor sport.

7. Prioritise recovery

Taking a break from work and school is a good opportunity to properly recover, which might not present itself during your stressful everyday life. Be sure to take advantage of this time to rest and sleep properly. You can also take the opportunity to try different methods of stress management that could come in handy once you go back to everyday life.

8. Find healthy alternatives to sugar

During vacation you can easily end up having a little too much white sugar. There are, however, several good alternatives that are both more nutritious and that don’t effect your blood glucose levels as severely. For example, try making your own raw balls with different flavours or make your own ice cream by mixing frozen fruits and berries with avocado for a creamy texture.


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