High fibre Granola recipe

Gluten free granola

A high fibre gluten free granola recipe, filled with anti-inflammatory omega-3. The perfect way to start your day in a healthy way.




10 servings 


500 ml (250g) gluten free oats

125 ml (30g) desiccated coconut

100g mixed chopped nuts (we used walnut and cashew nuts)

4 tbsp (40g) flax seeds

3 tbsp (40g) chia seed  

1 tbsp Sesame seeds 

150ml (95g) pumpkin seeds   

125ml sunflower seeds 

1 pinch of  vanilla powder or extract 

2 tsp Ceylon cinnamon powder 


1 large banana

50g melted coconut oil 


How to make it 

1. Mix all the dry ingredients in a large bowl.

2. Mash the banana with a fork and add the melted coconut oil, then add the mix to the dry ingredients and stir altogether.

3. Spread the granola mixture evenly on a lined baking tray and bake for 30 min in 140 C until it’s golden and crispy. Mix everything halfway through. 

4. Cool down and store in an airtight glass container.  



Experiment with the ingredients, try different nuts and seeds and flavouring for your granola – for example try adding cacao powder. You can always add more desiccated coconut by replacing some of the oats or the other way around if you prefer without the coconut and you prefer it a bit sweeter just add a spoon of coconut sugar to the recipe or some raw honey when serving. 

Serve with dairy free soya or coconut yoghurt and fresh berries as the first meal of the day or as a snack or dessert. 


Health benefits

This is an easy to make gluten free granola with fibre-rich gluten free oats, nuts and seeds. Anti-inflammatory omega-3 from the nuts and seeds and naturally sweetened from the organic banana and the shredded coconut.  

Fibre is key for a gut healthy diet and also helps to keep you full and balances blood sugar levels by promoting a slow release of energy which will also help you manage a healthy weight. 

Recommended daily fibre intake is 25-30g. One portion (75g) of this granola contains approximately 8g fibre which is around 30% of the recommended intake. If you also add a portion (a handful, 1,5 dl) of raspberries this will add 4g fibre and together will cover almost half of your daily recommended intake of fibre. A great way to start the day and make your gut happy. 



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