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Lentil and vegetable stew


2 dl dry red lentils – washed in cold water until clear 

6-8 dl water or more 

400 ml crushed tomatoes  


1 sweet potato 

1 onion  

Handful of mixed mushrooms  

1 celery stalk 

1 yellow or red paprika 

A handful of fresh spinach or 1 small pak choi (optional) 

1 Zucchini 

1 tbsp mild flaxseed oil, avocado oil or mct oil 


1,5 tsp dried thyme or use fresh 

1 piece of fresh rosemary 

1 vegetable stock cube 

1,5 tsp organic red paprika powder 

1 tbsp spoon of tomato puree (optional)

Chilli flakes to serve (optional)

Fresh parsley or coriander to serve – chopped 


How to

1. Rinse the lentils well in cold water until the water is clear. 

2. Wash and chop all vegetables into pieces. 

3. Place lentils, onions, sweet potatoes, celery stalk, water, stock cube, crushed tomatoes, mushrooms, paprika powder and (optional) tomato puree in a pot. Make sure all vegetables are covered with liquid – otherwise just add a bit more water. 

4. Bring to a boil and simmer for 15 min. 

5. Add paprika, zucchini and cook for 5 minutes. 

6. Taste the lentils and if they are soft and ready then add pak choi or spinach (optional) and simmer for  1 minute.  

7. Taste – and add more spices or salt if needed. 

8. Serve with fresh chopped parsley or coriander on top and chilli flakes to add a bit of spice. 



This is an anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, vegetable stew. It’s warming and easy to make. The dish can also be made as a large batch and is perfect to bring to work the next day. You can also serve it next day for dinner as a vegetable side dish to a small portion of meat or with millet, quinoa and teff.


Health Benefits

The recipe contains loads of fibre from the lentils and the mix of vegetables. It has a wide range of different coloured vegetables where each colour represents a different phytonutrient. All being equally important for our immune system. 

Consuming a wide range of phytonutrients are associated with reduced risk of developing chronic diseases, including heart diseases and cancer. 

Eating a wide range of colourful vegetables every day will also add diversity to the gut microbiome and increase the healthy bacteria. Having a healthy gut microbiome boosts the immune system and improves the digestive system.


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