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Nutritious smoothie bowl with chocolate flavour

Smoothie bowl – a nutritious and healthy alternative to ice cream! There is an endless variety of flavours available when using frozen banana and avocado as a base, but for this recipe we decided to use raw cacao to achieve a chocolate flavour. This recipe works both as breakfast, dessert or as a light lunch.

Frozen bananas provide a creamy texture

A good smoothie bowl is supposed to have a thick, ice cream-like texture. The key to this is the frozen bananas! In order to maximise the fibre content, we always use green/unripe bananas that we buy in larger quantities, when they are available, and then freeze (peeled).

Rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals

The green bananas are rich in the fibres “pectin” and “resistant starch”. These fibres are so-called prebiotic fibres that provide the good bacteria in the gut with a source of energy. Avocados contain useful fats and kale contributes with both vitamins, minerals and additional plant fibre. A tube of Synbiotic15 or Synbiotic40 Enhanced can be added to the mix as it provides an extra amount of both lactic acid bacteria and fibres.

Cocoa – a superfood

For this recipe we use raw cacao to achieve that great chocolate taste. But in addition to the fact that cocoa provides flavour, it also has several important health benefits. For example, cocoa contains flavanoids that act as antioxidants and promote both brain and heart health, as well as skin quality. In addition, cacao is very rich in magnesium – a mineral that is needed in order to absorb other vitamins and nutrients in the diet (eg vitamin D.).


½ avocado

1 frozen green banana

1 tablespoon raw cacao

1 tube of Synbiotic

1 handful of kale

A splash of plant-based milk


Mix the ingredients into a smooth, creamy, ice cream-like mixture. Pour into a bowl and top with any sliced fruit, berries, nuts, seeds, granola, etc.

Topping tips:

Breakfast: Homemade granola, fresh or frozen blueberries and pumpkin seeds

Lunch: Raw oatmeal, hemp seeds and sliced banana

Dessert: Sliced fresh strawberries, cacao nibs or grated dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa) and cashews



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