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Overnight oats with chia

Overnight oats are a kind of cold porridge that you quickly prepare the night before it is to be eaten. This recipe is packed with goodies for the gut flora – beta glucan from oatmeal, Ceylon cinnamon, and you can give the gut flora an additional boost in the form of the fibres pectin and inulin by topping your oats with blueberries or slices of unripe banana. The recipe is for two people, but adjust the amount depending on how hungry you are.



(2 servings)

2 dl gluten-free oatmeal

1-2 tablespoons chia seeds

3-4 dl plant based milk

1 teaspoon ground Ceylon cinnamon

1 ml vanilla powder

1 small pinch of salt

Optional nuts, berries and seeds to top with

Put all the ingredients into a bowl and stir well. Make sure all the ingredients are properly mixed and then place the mix in the fridge overnight. Eat in the morning with any topping – our favourite right now are blueberries, sliced unripe banana and walnuts.



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