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Raw crumble pie recipe

This raw-food variant of the classic crumble pie requires no oven and can be quickly whipped up with the help of a food processor or blender!

Natural sweetness and healthy fats

In this recipe, we have excluded all refined sugar and instead use fresh dates to achieve a naturally sweet taste and also a higher fibre content. White flour has also been excluded and we instead use oatmeal, which contains plenty of the healthy fibre type beta-glucan, which can help maintain normal cholesterol levels in the blood. Beta-glucan also belongs to the group of prebiotic fibres that feed the good bacteria in the intestine.

In this recipe, butter or margarine – which is the fat source usually used – has been replaced with walnuts and coconut oil or MCT oil. Walnuts are a good vegetable source of the important omega-3 fat that people in the Western world tend to eat insufficient amounts of. MCT oil (which is derived from coconut oil) contains medium-chain saturated fatty acids, which are absorbed faster from the intestine directly into the blood, and then carried on to the liver. Long-chain fatty acids, on the other hand, first need to pass through the lymph before they can pass on to the liver.


About 6-8 servings

2 dl walnuts

2 dl grated coconut

1.5 teaspoons iodized salt

½ teaspoon vanilla powder

4 dl oatmeal

2 tablespoons coconut oil/MCT oil

16 dates

300 g fresh or frozen and thawed berries

Instructions: Put the walnuts in a food processor or blender and mix until they are finely chopped. Then add all the other ingredients except the berries and mix until the mixture is crumbly. Set aside about a quarter of the mixture and spread out the rest of the dough in a pie plate. Fill the pie with berries and then crumble over the last of the shortcrust pastry. We recommend that you eat it with Stig Bengmark’s cashew cream or avocado cream! If you prefer a hot pie, you can also cook the pie in the oven at a low temperature for 30-60 minutes.




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