Yerba Mate Tea Smoothie - Super Synbiotics

Yerba Mate Tea Smoothie

This is a superpower smoothie from Stig´s recipe book! It contains only four ingredients – which are all selected to boost your health. It is also a perfect way to add and drink your Synbiotic.

Stig’s Yerba mate tea smoothie



4 dl cold Yerba mate-tea (or green tea)

2 dl frozen blueberries

1 avocado

1 green banana



1. Make the Yerba mate tea and let it cool.

2. Mix all ingredients in a blender.

3. Pour into a glass and add your Synbiotic – mix well and serve!


Yerba mate is an herbal tea from South America and is one of teas with the most antioxidants (it contains even larger amounts than green tea).

Yerba mate tea contains Xanthines – which are compounds that act as stimulants and include caffeine and theobromine. These compounds are also found in coffee, other types of tea, and chocolate. The caffeine content in Yerba mate is less than in coffee but more than in tea – which makes it a great substitute. However, just like coffee it is best to avoid drinking it too late in the afternoon, as it might affect your sleep. Furthermore, the tea also contains saponins, which are natural compounds with anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-lowering properties.

Note that pregnant women as well as people who are sensitive to caffeine or have certain prescribed medications should drink it with caution.

Green banana, avocado and blueberries, are among Stig’s favorite superfoods. Blueberries contain both antioxidants and pectin. Unripe, green bananas contain a considerable amount of pectin (1/3 of the fibre in the fruit is pectin). It is the pectin’s ability to stick to high-moisture surfaces that gives it its unique ability to protect mucous membranes and deliver medications to exposed surfaces. –  100% of the pectin we eat reaches the large intestine and gut flora, and it´s one of Stig´s magical fibers – Read more here.


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