Professor Bengmark and the story behind Super Synbiotics

Professor Bengmark

Stig Bengmark, originator of Synbiotic® Food Supplement, Professor emeritus, and former Professor of surgery at Lund University, has conducted research about the impact of nutrition on health for over 60 years. For the last 30 years Stig has focused on the role of inflammation and the intestinal flora when illness occurs.

In 1999, Stig together with some research colleagues, launched a project which came to be the starting point of Synbiotic. Since Stig had spent years researching the cause of chronic diseases and had realized that inflammation played a big part, the goal of the research project was to find an elite among anti-inflammatory bacteria. The researchers collected and studied around 500 different lactic acid bacteria and dedicated specific attention to the bacteria’s ability to enhance each other’s characteristics.

Based on their studies, the researchers selected and patented four unique lactic acid bacteria. Early on in the process the researchers were able to establish the fact that the bacteria could multiply in the colon with a little help from fibre. Therefore, the bacteria were combined with a “packed lunch”, consisting of four plant fibres. This composition was named Synbiotic 2000.

For more than 15 years, Stig and his colleagues have conducted numerous successful studies worldwide on this particular combination of bacteria and fibers. Synbiotic® Dietary supplements which are sold on this site contain the same bacterial cultures and fibers used in the research but in two different versions – Synbiotic15 and Synbiotic40 Enhanced. Synbiotic15 contains 15 billion lactic acid bacteria and 4 grams of fiber per dose and is suitable for those who want to maintain and strengthen a good gut flora. Synbiotic40 Enhanced contains 40 billion lactic acid bacteria and 8 grams of fiber per dose, and is aimed at those who have a severe imbalance in the intestinal flora or whose body is stressed.

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