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For many years, Professor Stig Bengmark has researched the gut flora´s role in the emergence of illness and poor health. In 1999, he started a project together with some research colleagues, where they collected 535 different lactic acid bacteria, with the goal of finding an elite of lactic acid bacteria. The result, a composition that was named Synbiotic2000, which today is only used in research and produced by Super Synbiotics for consumers.

In the EU, there are strict rules on how dietary supplement companies can express themselves about products. The purpose is to protect consumers from being misled. This is something we support and encourage.

Super Synbiotics AB manufactures compositions for various research projects, including Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and several major research projects around the world. Our synbiotic research composition Synbiotic2000 is used in studies, on both healthy and sick people, with good results. It is therefore important to us that you, as a journalist or researcher, can gain insight into our clinical studies, to drive research forward. Please feel free to contact us via email for a presentation of our results.

If you are a customer and like to know more about the research around our type of products, we encourage you to search and assess different results on your own. At the end of the day, it’s about how you feel when you use products in our category. What we can say is, that our products undergo rigid quality controls and are used by reputable universities around the world with the aim of creating a healthier lifestyle.

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Bacteria & fibre for your gut

  • Based on 20 years of research
  • Produced in Sweden
  • Natural - no additives

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